Unknown artist , Lombard school XVI / XVII secolo - Madonna con Bambino

Unknown artist , Lombard school XVI / XVII secolo - Madonna con Bambino
Öljy kankaalle - Ei-signeerattu - XVI / XVII secolo

An outstanding Lombard artist, the presented painting is one of the phenomena: the intertwining of late-Romanticist tradition with new, early Baroque naturalism. The elongated body of Madonna, the luminous colours of her robes and the characteristic profile of the mature Renaissance embed the figure in the tradition of Mannerist art. The way of showing the Holy Child: the sweet modelling of his face, the psychological tension of the Madonna and realistic forms connect him with the current of realism. The hybrid combination of these two artistic languages ​​resulted in a paradoxically harmonious and muted effect. The influences of the Lombard art of the mid-16th century are clear, as well as the influence of the northern Mannerism. The long hand fingers of Madonna, sweetness on their faces - all this characterizes the painters of this era of the Lombard school.
The work is not framed. There is only a gilded wooden profile, about 1.5 cm thick, protecting four sides. Used instead of a frame, it is a free add-on.
In fairly good general condition, given the age of the image, a few diffuse restorations and some peeling of the surface, mainly on the background. There are no problems with maintenance. It will be necessary to finish the cleaning of the image and undoubtedly this will restore its former freshness, gloss and colours! The original canvas is supported by a special painting board. Small craquelure compatible with age.
Size: 87 x 107 cm

Shipping via insured express courier and packed with the utmost care.

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Unknown artist , Lombard school XVI / XVII secolo
Taideteoksen nimi
Madonna con Bambino
XVI / XVII secolo
Öljy kankaalle
Kaiken kaikkiaan hyvässä kunnossa, joitakin ikääntymisen ja käytön merkkejä
6 kg
107×87×10 cm
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