(1) - .925 hopea - Espanja - 1900-luvun loppu

(1) - .925 hopea - Espanja - 1900-luvun loppu
Hyvä - käytetty, pieniä käytön ja ikääntymisen merkkejä - 77 g

Home stoup manufactured in Spain in the second part of the 20th century. This item is made in sterling silver of 925 thousandths and has a ring on the back to hang it. The openwork front is illustrated with an image of Our Lady of the Way of León, crowned by cherubs and holding a lying Jesus. The scene appears in a portico embellished with plant engravings and a legend while the stoup is adorned with a round medallion, flowers and leaves. It is 13 cm long by 5.7 cm wide and 1.5 thick, and weighs 77 grams. It is good condition for its age, with the normal signs of use and age.

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Esineiden lkm
.925 hopea
Arvioitu ajanjakso
1900-luvun loppu
Hyvä - käytetty, pieniä käytön ja ikääntymisen merkkejä
1.5×5.7×13 cm
77 g
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