YAKA-käynnistysmaski - Puu - DRC

YAKA-käynnistysmaski - Puu - DRC
Käytetty, hyvässä kunnossa, joitakin käytön merkkejä

The Yaka are known for their sculptural production whose predominant element is the mask.
Carved for the occasion, the helmet-masks only come out as part of the initiation ceremony "N-Khanda", reserved for young people.
The set of masks consists of five pieces: a pair of masks "Ndeemba", a large mask "Kholuka" and a pair of "Tsekedye".
All of them consist of a human face.
Such "Tsekedye" are worn by the masters of initiation and the elders of the novices during choreographed dances.
They occupy the lowest rank in the hierarchy.
The kaolin, used to colour the face, would return to the notion of androgyny, symbolising both sperm and breast milk.
For a period of time that varies according to location, novices live as a recluse in a forbidden place, away from the village.
Physical tests and privations are imposed on them while they receive their initiatory training.

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Käytetty, hyvässä kunnossa, joitakin käytön merkkejä
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