Namji-nukke - Puu, helmet - Nigeria

Namji-nukke - Puu, helmet - Nigeria
Käytetty, hyvässä kunnossa, joitakin käytön merkkejä

We can identify two types of dolls:

Playing dolls, without any ornaments, carried on the back of young girls, attached with a string. These are ordinary toys.
Fecundity dolls, reserved for women, used to encourage fecundity, which are richly adorned.
The doll represents the child desired by each individual who wishes to have one, it is also at the same time a ‘women’s fetish doll’, supposed to ensure their fecundity.
Therefore, it has the power to fulfil a woman’s desire of giving birth.
It is also said that childless or milk-less women, touch or squeeze the dolls that have fulfilled women’s desires, to make their wishes become true.

Since the birth of a child has a significant incidence on the status of the couple, often psychological blocks occur.
Indeed, a childless woman is considered as an imperfect creature.
The doll is an artificial placebo which enables to unblock this situation.

It is also a sign for other men of the community, one can assist in fertilising the woman carrying the doll.
Private collection.

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Puu, helmet
Käytetty, hyvässä kunnossa, joitakin käytön merkkejä
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35×14×35 cm
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