Microscope Stereo System Lomo MBC-10 (SF-100B)

Microscope Stereo System Lomo MBC-10 (SF-100B)
Mikroskoopit - Multiple main devices - Lähes täydellisessä kunnossa (käytetty & toimintakunnossa, ei näkyviä käytön merkkejä)

From an inheritance.

Practically unused Microscope Stereo System LOMO MBC-10 (SF-100B) with accessories, see photos.

This heavy precision device MBS-10 was commissioned by the LOMO company to be built by Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory near Moscow, probably in the 1990s.
It is very stable, in very good condition and there are no traces of use.

The tried and tested Russian optics are clear and without scratches, all mechanisms run smoothly and without slack.
At the tubes (at an angle of 45") the pupil distance and, on one side, the dioptre can be adjusted. There are 7/bright oculars, 2x (14x-14), 3x (8x-14), of which 1 adjustable with measuring scale and 2x (6x-5), with eyecups.

A special zoom function is achieved by an ingenious Galilei paternoster system (Patent Zeiss-Jena, SXX), a roller with lens pairs which yields the magnification factors 0.6x, 1X, 2X, 4X and 7X by twisting by a double rotary knob.
Together with the main lens (1x) and the eyepieces, this results in a magnification range of 3.6X to 98X.
Focusing takes place by double rotary knobs.
The original 8 V lighting (with built-in condenser and green filter) can serve as upper as well as bottom light and it is powered by the original transformer, including 3 lights.

There are 2 under-plates, one of opaque glass, the other of metal (black and white).
The working distance is 95 mm! Adjustable tripod 37.7 cm, so that larger specimen also find a place.

The total shipping weight is <10 kg. The microscope will be carefully packaged and sent with track & trace.

Please see the pictures for a good impression.

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Microscope Stereo System Lomo MBC-10
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Lähes täydellisessä kunnossa (käytetty & toimintakunnossa, ei näkyviä käytön merkkejä)
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In working order
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