Sigi Bussinger - Oligo - Kattovalaisin, Pöytävalaisin, Seinävalaisin (3)

Sigi Bussinger - Oligo - Kattovalaisin, Pöytävalaisin, Seinävalaisin (3)
Saksa - 1990 tähän hetkeen - Muovi, Teräs

Siggi Bussinger / Bußinger for Oligo – Lot of 3 Mademoiselle Filou lamps

Great set of 3 lamps, inspired by the common housefly. Mademoiselle Filou lamps in good condition.
This set is originally intended to connect to a light point on the floor or ceiling, but are also quite fun to set or hang up. (see photos).

Mademoiselle Filou lamp Mademoiselle Filou wall and ceiling lamps by designer Sigi Bussinger consists of a metal frame with heat resistant woven wings and with a tea ball squeezer as eyes that can be adjusted according to your wishes. The wings can be adjusted in several ways as well.

A hole in the leg makes it possible to attach the lamp to the ceiling or a wall. The other feet are covered. Many nice options for the use of these lamps!

In good working condition.

Includes 3 new reflector lamps, used only for the photos. E14

Includes new cover plate for wall or ceiling. (The original cover plate is too small to completely cover the entire connection point on the wall / ceiling)

Material: Metal, synthetic, heat resistant fabric

Light dimensions: +/- 18 cm x 12 cm x 14 cm.

Dimensions set approx. 120 cm x 120 cm

Will be carefully packaged and shipped by registered mail.

Kohteen tiedot
Esineiden lkm
Kattovalaisin, Pöytävalaisin, Seinävalaisin
Muovi, Teräs
Designer/ Artist
Sigi Bussinger
Manufacturer/ Brand
Model/ Name
Mademoiselle Filou
Hyvä - käytetty, pieniä käytön ja ikääntymisen merkkejä
Estimated Period
1990 tähän hetkeen
Country of Origin
12×14×18 in
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