Stefano Giovannoni - Qeeboo - Rabbit chair baby

Stefano Giovannoni - Qeeboo - Rabbit chair baby
Italia - 2019 - Muovi

Brand: Qeeboo
Name: rabbit chair baby
Colour: golden glossy and lacquered
Made in Italy
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions: 45.3 x 26.2 x 52.7 cm
Material: polyethylene
Designer: Stefano Giovannoni

Rabbit is a family of products of strong media communication, invented by Stefano Giovannoni, it immediately became a pop icon, symbol of love and fertility, which brings luck and good wishes.

The idea of the rabbit, kind animal, lovable and discreet, arises from the association of its silhouette with that of a seat, where the ears of the rabbit become the back of the chair.

In its smaller version Rabbit is also designed for children to have fun with it.

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Stefano Giovannoni - Qeeboo - Rabbit chair baby
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