Lars Schiøler - Hoyrup light - Lamput

Lars Schiøler - Hoyrup light - Lamput
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The Butterfly pendant is designed by Lars Schiøler in 1968 for Hoyrup Light. This pendant is comprised of white plastic sheets, folded and attached to each other. The thin plastic sheets creates a soft diffused light when lit, and the color turns darker creating the illusion of a band around the middle, where the folded plastic sheets overlap each other. Lars Schiøler designed a number of these plastic folded lights for Hoyrup Lighting in the late 1960s. It is very rare that you find these pendant lights in good condition due to the fact that the light bulbs in the 60s and 70s got so warm. The majority of the shades got dry and brittle and broke. This one is in fair condition with normal tear as it is an older lamp.
The lamp can be separated. The lamp must have a new wire.

Dimension wide 30 centimeter, High 19 centimeter.

Kohteen tiedot
Designer/ Artist
Lars Schiøler
Manufacturer/ Brand
Hoyrup light
Model/ Name
Kohtalainen - paljon käytetty, mahdollisia puuttuvia osia
Country of Origin
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