Pola team - POLA, Amstelveen - vintage design-lattiavalaisin - 3 dim

Pola team - POLA, Amstelveen - vintage design-lattiavalaisin - 3 dim
Alankomaat - 1975-1999 - metalli ja lasi

POLA floor lamp with dimmer.
Black painted with white glass chalice diameter 16 and 7 high.

Fairly rare version due to the 2 long, 95 cm, adjustable rods that are attached to the base rod, which also has an extra adjustable rod.
Base 145 cm, extendable to 165 cm.
Black footplate 23 kilos with diameter 30 cm.
Just for info about the possible total height if everything is mounted vertically:
base bar incl. extend 165.
2x rods with joints 95
TOTAL about 360 cm (estimated max height)

The 2 long rods can be mounted in a number of positions on the vertical base bar. The many photos give a fairly good picture of the many possibilities. The lamp hood is also adjustable.

The whole is in neat condition and can be placed immediately.

Pickup in Drachten, the Netherlands.

Or packaging and shipping to be
(estimated shipping costs € 200,- 300,- by Fedex / UPS)

Kohteen tiedot
vintage design-lattiavalaisin
metalli ja lasi
Designer/ Artist
Pola team
Manufacturer/ Brand
POLA, Amstelveen
Model/ Name
3 dim
Estimated Period
Country of Origin
Hyvä - käytetty, pieniä käytön ja ikääntymisen merkkejä
23 kg
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